Crystal Business Solution - CBS

CBS is the solution designed for the mid-market with native Business Process Management (BPM) capabilities, including powerful exception management tools. It's a state-of-the-art solution that truly helps manage and unify the entire enterprise. Using CBS processes and exceptions are defined by management, automated, and used to enable far more consistent and efficient execution of business policies. With CBS most customers find that they improve their revenue per employee ratio and reduce over heads while delivering higher levels of customer prompt service with less effort

CBS is a comprehensive, multi-tiered, Web-based business management system that provides access to your accounting system via a standard Web browser. This is designed for medium-to-large-sized businesses, typically those with multiple locations operating in the global marketplace. With powerful analysis, reporting and customization options, ideal for companies requiring a highly scalable system that supports global business infrastructures and unlimited users.

CBS includes applications that manage accounting, distribution and manufacturing activities as well as workflow, document management, human resources management, customer relationship management and project management. CBS is a revolutionary application that is web-based and operates in any SQL environment.

It is easy to implement, use and has the ability to accommodate rapid growth and change in requirement with additions of totally different levels of industrial concept. CBS provides unprecedented levels of organizational visibility, control and measurement. CBS Software's greatest innovation with CBS is that we enable our customers to innovate!

CBS is written using 100% Web tools and relational database. The software is a full GUI, Open Systems, Java Web version which is developed using Oracle Internet Development Suite to make maintenance and customization easy. Production planning rules are stored as data to allow for easy modification as processing units are added or changed.

Our business maps enable you to focus your attention on the core processes that can increase your competitiveness and solidify your customer and partner relationships.

CBS Business Analytics is woven into the fabric of CBS solutions, providing answers and analysis directly from your CBS solution.