Modules are designed based on the latest standard requirements of a multi national company and the same is integrated between to support from end user to the top level management, it comprising Company Management, Purchase Management, Sales Management, Inventory Management, Finance Management, Production Management, Pdc & Letter of credit Management, Assets Management, Hr & Payroll Management, Maintenance Management…etc. More than 50 masters are available to manage the global requirements and effect proper report filtering and resource management for the feasibility study of the company.   

Major Information about Functions;


CBS-systems can include modules to manage the following key business functions:

CBS-Account Receivables

CBS-Accounts Payable

CBS-Fixed Assets

CBS-Inventory Management

CBS-Sales Confirmation

CBS-Purchase Order

CBS-Bill of Material

CBS- Materials Requirements Planning

CBS- Production Order Processing

CBS- Shop Floor Control

CBS- Manufacturing Cost Accounting

CBS- Labor Performance

CBS- Payroll

CBS- Human Resources


CBS- Bank Book

CBS- Business Analytics

CBS-Account Receivables


Today, it is critical to manage your customers’ activity and credit to ensure high customer service levels and maximize cash flow. You can achieve the highest level of performance by using the Accounts Receivable (A/R) package from CBS. Sales department is requesting to get commercial account for client, top management is verifying and approving. Based on sales confirmation created by sales department supported by purchase order from client, authorizing particular section and inventory is moving to the clients, at any stage the status of sales confirmation is possible and create sales invoice upon receipt of delivery orders signed by the client. Receipt of Cash, post dated cheque, Letter of credit, Credit Note and journal voucher is possible to account appropriately. 

Important advantages of Accounts Receivable are Control of aging periods, statement frequency, Proper credit limit and credit period controls, Bill wise receivable, Bill wise aging, Service analysis reports, Cash receipt management, A/R information that provides you with detailed payment information like average days to pay and full account history and Master report for the client status.


A/R tracks open item accounts and produces monthly statements. You can also generate Customer Aging Reports using up to four user-defined aging periods. Take your accounts receivable beyond cash flow management. Manage, calculate, and collect your company’s receivables with the utmost in financial accountability with CBS A/R. Master report includes the pending order to be deliver, delivery order to be invoiced, Credit Facilities, Pending returned cheque, Pdc status, L/c status, Advance payments, turn over of the period and receivable amount.

CBS-Accounts Payable

Keeping your company in good standing with your vendors is critical in ensuring the continued flow of raw materials, supplies and services into your company. Ensure there are no disruptions to this critical function, while effectively managing your cash flow, with the CBS Accounts Payable (A/P) package. Purchase department is requesting to have a commercial account and top management is verifying and approving. Based on purchase order created by purchase order followed by supplier’s quotation management is authorizing the same and starting to supply the material, at any stage the status of purchase order is possible and can be create purchase voucher.  Payment of Cash, post dated cheque, Letter of credit, Debit Note and journal voucher is possible to account appropriately. 

Important advantages of Accounts Payable are Detailed vendor analysis to track vendor performance and pricing, Reports such as Cash Requirements, Advise List and Aging Analysis, Adapt to changing payables requirements, Purchase history inquiry and review, Advanced payment to vendors, Optional authorization process in voucher entry and Authorization process for payments.

Track vendor information
Like other CBS packages, A/P features an extensive notes system. An unlimited number of notes may be recorded about general A/P information (reference notes, payment information, etc.) and accessed from any vendor record. In addition, allows you to store information on all companies and individuals from whom you purchase materials, supplies and services. 

The system also stores unlimited contact and address information and credit terms. It shares vendor account information with our Web-based front-office product, e-Synergy. Vendors and prospective vendors can be managed from the front-office (e-Synergy) or back-office. 

Flexible vendor invoice tracking
A/P automatically calculates due dates, discount dates and discount amounts for all A/P transactions. And the invoice amount can be distributed to an unlimited number of G/L expense accounts. 

Streamlined recurring payments
In addition to normal payables activity, many companies need the option to add payables which are due on a recurring basis. By using the recurring voucher processing feature of A/P, you can turn these bills into easy-to-maintain business transactions. 

Easy cheque payment and reconciliation
Easily & quickly reconcile your A/P checks against your company’s bank statement. You also have the option to print the A/P Check Reconciliation Report which shows paid and/or unpaid checks through any reconciliation date. You’ll find this feature is a real time-saver. 

Select the invoices you wish to pay using defined criteria. Choose those that are due for payment or exclude certain invoices from the selection.

The CBS A/P module offers you comprehensive functionality for payments. It supports several forms of payment, such as manual checks, computer checks and electronic funds transfer. 

Interactive balance list
This functionality allows you to view your payables aging by vendor with full drill down capability to the individual transaction.

All in all, it means that your Accounts Payable functions just got easier with CBS A/P!



Registering assets can be a time-consuming process. Sometimes new assets are acquired which are not yet registered in your administration. If you discover this upon making an entry in your purchase journal, you have to stop what you're doing and switch to your assets module to create the new asset, and then switch back to your purchase journal. Not anymore! With CBS registering and managing your assets is easy. A new asset can be registered directly while making an entry in your purchase journal. All assets movements are linked to financial transactions to ensure completeness of the financial transactions. After creation of the assets, the monthly depreciation entries are calculated and created automatically. CBS now supports unlimited depreciation methods and comes with features such as revaluation, disposal and modification of assets. Each asset has a tag for easy traceability. 

Important advantages of Assets & Depreciation are Asset administration always up to date, Consistency between assets and financial administration, Increase cost transparency at resource level, Accumulated depreciation schedule and Asset Tagging


Asset administration always up to date
The registration of assets is fully integrated with the entry of purchase invoices in the financial administration. This ensures that as soon as the asset is received, it is also registered. This can be done directly from the booking entry screen, which is fast and easy to use. You will never look for an asset in vain in your administration anymore, as your asset register is always up-to-date. 

Consistency between assets and financial administration
CBS generates reports about depreciation and disposal of assets. In one clear overview you can see the depreciated and disposed assets, total depreciation costs, cumulative depreciation and more - clear and paperless! 

CBS-Inventory Management


The ability to deliver the right product to the right place at the right time is the core of your business. Inventory is one of the largest investments a company makes. Ensuring that you have enough products in stock, while avoiding stock outs and overstocks is a daily challenge. You are responsible for reducing investment in inventory and increasing inventory turns. Accomplish this with CBS Inventory Management (I/M) module, the core of your distribution system. 

Important advantages of Inventory Management are Manages item specifications and stock levels, Management of cycle and physical counting, Centralized and multiple warehouse support, Serial/Lot traceability from raw materials to finished product, Item/document note system, CBS Bar Code and inventory management.

I/M will provide you with the tools to effectively manage and analyze your inventory. Sales and cost analysis, ABC analysis, obsolete inventory tracking, physical and cycle count features with trend accuracy analysis are just a few of the features that will enable you to maximize inventory turns while eliminating shortages and excess inventory investment. 

Easy tracking of detailed inventory data
CBS distribution and manufacturing functions maintain information unique to each item that provides the system with essential information on how to purchase, sell, and manufacture the item. Maintain planned, current, or obsolete items through I/M’s status code. Identify items as purchased or manufactured. Maintain control levels and indicate if item quantities should be automatically allocated when sales or usage requests are placed through other CBS packages. 

Item data is nicely organized into meaningful groups with access to other item related information like customer item, vendor item, substitute and more to get the appropriate reports. 

Location wise track
You also have the ability to create the different inventory locations that your company uses. Those locations are used throughout both the CBS distribution and manufacturing suites. 

CBS I/M also allow you to maintain inventory which is stocked in multiple locations, including the on-hand, on-order, allocated, and back ordered quantities, along with price, cost, and sales/usage information. This allows for the same item at different locations to have different values assigned, such as reorder levels, minimum, maximum and reserves.

CBS- Sales Confirmation

Processing customer orders is one of the most critical functions in any distribution and manufacturing business. Order entry and fulfillment must be done in a streamlined fashion, accuracy must be high, and the goods must be delivered where and when requested. Your customer service function needs the power and flexibility of inventory, receivables and production information. When you run CBS Software Sales Order Confirmation with the Accounts Receivable (A/R) and Inventory Management (I/M) modules, you’ll streamline every step of your order process, increasing customer service levels and reducing inventory. 

Important advantages of sales confirmation and other process are Approved Client control, Real-time credit management, customer status and history, Authorization of Sales confirmation, Sales confirmation close link at any stage, Detail drill down and reporting, Prepayment and deposits during the order entry process, Sell inventory, bill services from sales order information, Return Material Authorization processing and Direct integration with CBS Bar Code


Sales confirmation supports the three primary phases of order processing. It facilitates the order entry process by accepting orders and quotes, validating credit and calculating pricing. SC supports the picking and shipping process by recommending order lines, serial/lot/bins to be picked and generating shipping documents such as labels, packing list. Finally, it supports the delivery order and invoicing processes, closing the loop between customer service, the warehouse and accounting. The Return Materials Authorization (RMA) functionality may be used in conjunction with SC to track and more easily process customer returns. 

Flexible pricing and discounts
Set up your own pricing system in SC by specifying price break tables. You can construct an unlimited number of tables based on eight categories including combinations of customer number, item number, customer type, and product category. Use these price tables to maintain special negotiated prices for one or more customers or items. Or, set different price breaks for individual product lines. Also, provide contract pricing with beginning and ending effectively dating on any pricing table. CBS also allows you to apply discounts to the whole order and track these discounts through accounting. 

Shipping control
If a customer has several ship-to addresses where merchandise is delivered, even though billing is sent to one central office, SC will maintain those multiple addresses for each customer. And the Shipping Lead Time function will ensure that the product is picked and shipped to guarantee timely delivery based on where it is being shipped to, where it is being shipped from, and how it is being shipped. You can also integrate third-party manifest systems using CBS shipping interface to further automate your shipping and tracking processes. 

CBS- Purchase Order


The procurement function is critical to ensure the necessary materials, supplies, and services are available when required. Maintaining strong vendor relationships, negotiating for favorable pricing and analyzing vendor performance can make the procurement function a profit center in your business. By implementing CBS Purchase Order, you get an efficient, time-saving tool for automating your procurement functions. 

Important advantages of Purchase Order’s are Approved vendor control, Inspecting incoming material for quality, Authorization of purchase order, Purchase order close link at any stage, Comprehensive Landed Costs System, Vendor performance analysis, Assign separate master for incoming material, Total integration with CBS Bar Code, Buyer approval-driven requisition system, Dynamic and flexible purchasing unit of measures.

P/O enables you to analyze the quality, accuracy and timely delivery of all purchased materials. P/O’s capabilities make it a must within both the manufacturing and distribution environments. It monitors vendor performance and allows you to keep inventory levels low while alerting you to material shortages. And when you combine P/O with CBS Accounts Payable (A/P), Inventory Management (I/M) packages, Material Requirements Planning (ERP) and Shop Floor Control (SFC) packages you have a comprehensive system that optimizes timely purchases with the dynamics of inventory control. 

Landed costs system
This function supports companies dealing with international vendors and others who require comprehensive inventory costing along with all landed costs. The Landed Cost capability enables you to calculate all costs normally associated with purchasing and receiving and any additional costs of the product, such as freight, import duties, customs, and brokerage fees to be included in an item’s valuation (cost). 

Analyzing vendor performance
The Vendor Performance Analysis Report in CBS P/O module provides a very clear idea of the vendor’s ability to deliver quality products on time and within budget. 

Vendor performance statistics include purchase items that were late this year and last year, the percentage of cost variance between expected and billed prices and percentage of delivered items rejected. Finally, the report presents the average lead time and the average days late for each vendor. 

Purchasing outside services for manufacturing or further process
Increasingly, manufacturers are outsourcing aspects of their operations to gain economies of scale. For manufacturers, an example involves the ability to send material to an outside service vendor (etching a circuit, powder coating, galvanization, heat treatment, painting, etc), which adds value to the material. The vendor then completes the service and the processed/completed material is received into manufacturing. CBS Purchasing allows you to initiate this process by linking to a shop floor manufacturing order and then receiving the processed/completed material into a work-in-process, at the same time accounting for the value-added service costs.

CBS- Bill of Material


A strong bill of material processor can help manage and analyze the components and products your company produces. CBS Bill of Material (BOM) module gives you those features. Plus, BOM is extremely flexible, incorporating powerful visual tools that integrate with Shop Floor Control (SFC) and Production Order Processing (POP) modules. 

Important advantages of Bill of Material are Support make-to-order, Multiple options selectable within a single feature, Gross Requirements Reporting, for basic material planning and Bill of resource


CBS Visual Bill of Resource establishes the link between a single inventory item and the components that comprise the finished good. Each component includes a Reference Designator which allows you to detail exactly what it does and where it can be found. You also have the option to print Reference Designators on BOM's Indented Report or on production work orders. Plus, you can choose to display Reference Designators in the view function to quickly access information for further reporting power. A BOM is created by specifying the relationships between pairs of items where one is a parent (an item that is assembled with other components). A parent will have relationships with one or more component items. The same components may be used in many different assemblies within your manufacturing facility to construct different parent items. You specify each component-parent relationship through the graphical environment. 

CBS-Materials Requirements Planning

CBS Material Requirements Planning (ERP) package is the ideal software for the single-site manufacturing and multiple warehouse operation. Advanced ERP functionality streamlines your manufacturing/ warehouse operation and ordering. 

Important advantages of Material Requirements Planning are Project future inventory demand, Perform "What If" analysis, Generate PO's based on projected Inventory, Calculate aging of items, View net change comparisons and Net unlimited ERP locations.


CBS, ERP functionality also improves on-line pegging with drill downs to the source of demand or supply. Plus, the conversion of Computer Planned Orders (CPO) to Shop Orders, Production Orders, Productions Schedules, and Purchase Orders has been streamlined making it easier for you to track and expedite orders. 

 CBS-Production Order Processing


CBS Production Order Processing (POP) package provides a comprehensive yet easy to use manufacturing planning and execution solution if your business is involved in sales kitting or light assembly. You can also use this as a stepping stone for a full ERP system in the future. 

Important advantages of Production Order Processing are Plan and manage materials in production, Simple, yet powerful, production order and reporting environment, Online inventory adjustments, Automatically create production orders from sales confirmations, Integrate with Material Requirements Planning (ERP) and Maintain value added costs for full absorption costing


What makes CBS streamlined manufacturing solution special is the different ways it can be used to support your operations and the different sized companies it can accommodate. 

CBS-Shop Floor Control


CBS Shop Floor Control (SFC) package is designed to help manufacturers effectively execute their production plans at all levels. 

Important advantages of Shop Floor Control are Issue materials manually or automatically, Purchase and track outside services, Use online picking and dispatching, Create shop orders from sales orders, Report and track scrap, Create orders manually or from ERP, Interface to costing module, Inquire on shop order status and Maintain transactional history.

The SFC module is designed with the detailed management of activities and the flow of materials inside the plant - including the workers, materials, machines and time utilized in production. Its unique features interface with a number of CBS other manufacturing software modules. SFC allows you to quickly and efficiently create shop orders and control all aspects of the order without entering a lot of unnecessary data. It provides you the added flexibility to keep on top of internal or customer-driven changes, including changes to quantity and dates, even after release. 

With SFC, jobs can be used to group multiple shop orders and control all aspects of the order without entering a lot of unnecessary data. If you do not require grouping it can be easily configured to create jobs when shop orders are created. It provides you the added flexibility to keep on top of internal or customer driven changes, including changes to quantity and dates even after release. For manufacturers producing a number of products both in make to stock and custom environments, Inventory Management (I/M), Bill of Material (BOM) and Standard Product Routing (SPR) packages will speed the creation of shop orders.

 CBS-Manufacturing Cost Accounting

CBS Manufacturing Cost Accounting (MCA) package is an analysis solution designed for manufacturers to use in tracking actual costs and in comparing these actual costs to planned costs yielding valuable variance analysis data. The MCA module is the primary source for linking accounting entries from shop orders to the General Ledger (G/L). It is also designed to enter miscellaneous costs associated with, or allocated to, a job. 

Important advantages of Manufacturing Cost Accounting are Make better costing decisions, Compare planned labor cost vs. actual labor cost, Analyze material costs, Break down costs by department or work center, Track variances, Report and track costs at job/shop order/item level, Enter and track miscellaneous costs and Calculate costs of Job/shop order/item


Better decision-making with MCA
MCA analyzes costs. It compares planned or estimated costs to actual costs and provides valuable management reports, inquiries and graphs which are vital in managing your costing functions. The output of MCA also helps management pin down exactly where actual costs exceed planned or estimated costs. 

MCA starts with the entry of jobs. Jobs can be general in nature or can be tied directly to one or more shop orders entered in the Shop Floor Control (SFC) package. Jobs can also be automatically created as shop orders are entered in SFC. Miscellaneous costs for jobs not specifically tied to shop orders can also be entered using MCA's Activity Transaction Entry application. 

CBS-Labor Performance

The most valuable asset of any organization is its workforce. In some businesses, labor expenses can comprise as much as 80% of product cost. The Labor Performance (L/P) package improves profitability by providing manufacturing managers with labor management information so that labor resources can be deployed and optimized to meet production and budget objectives. 

Important advantages of Labor Performance are Monitors employee attendance through payroll records, Analyze employee/supervisor performance and productivity, Salaried/hourly employees and incentive earnings reports, Provides for entry of regular, overtime, and special wages, The CBS Labor Performance package is both a labor analysis package and a data collection package. 

Labor Performance helps reduce labor costs by providing information on how employees are spending their time on any given day. The labor performance module tracks the activities performed by employees and measures the productivity associated with that activity. 

The ability to view this information by employee, job and shop order allows supervisors to measure productivity identify variances and take corrective action. 

The L/P module maintains each employee’s standard hours earned and direct hours actually worked to measure productivity. L/P also maintains indirect hours worked by an employee to determine the percentage of direct hours to indirect hours measuring what percentage of the employees time is utilized performing value added work. Total hours are tracked and compared to standard hours earned to measure how effectively labor resources are being managed.


CBS Payroll package provides the user-friendly versatility that makes payroll processing easy, regardless of the variables you have to accommodate, or the types of reports you have to generate. Having this software at your command is like having a dedicated employee at your side. 

With CBS Payroll, processing just became easier...faster...and more flexible. PR was designed with a strong focus on ease and accessibility of information and places a wealth of information at your fingertips. 

Because of PR’s flexible architecture, time entry is much easier and quicker. The number of keystrokes is greatly reduced, as is the risk of keystroke error. 

PR recognizes the need to submit various federal and state reports on an annual basis and others on a quarterly basis, so both reporting capabilities are built-in. You also gain the capability to clear either quarter-to-date or year-to-date figures independent of each other. 

CBS-Human Resources


Add the Human Resources (H/R) module to the CBS Software Payroll module, and you have an integrated, expanded database that captures and reports on the types of critical information that management needs to run highly efficient operations.


It’s a fact that the most successful companies not only put customers first, but put customers at the center of their organization. The key is to go beyond the sales cycle in order to recognize and emphasize the many relationships your customers have not only with your own company, but with your partners, vendors and consultants.

e-Synergy- from CBS Software, is a Web-based business management solution that enables customer management as a part of your entire business. Your clients, business partners, employees and vendors are automatically associated to one another and to all relevant and mission-critical business transactions. Your financial, sales and product support information is available immediately, online, and is linked to any project, initiative or event that affects your customer. Everyone in your company who works with customers or prospects are under your control and on the same page, at any time, from anywhere in the world

CRM business benefits:

·   Complete teamwork and rapid communication between you, your customers, partners, suppliers and vendors through integrated portals

·   Secure logins that provide immediate access to all customer activity from anywhere, at anytime, worldwide

·   Recognition of customer problems or issues before they happen

·   Centralized, detailed view of each customer, including workflow, financial transactions and support issues

·   Ability of customers and partners to actively and privately manage their own accounts

CBS-Bank Book

B/B provides Bank account and bank statement reconciliation. In addition, the company's cash position can be viewed in hardcopy report format or online-whatever is best for you. There will a master report comprising bank facility, bank balance, l/c facility and L/c status and other financial status of all the banks.

CBS-Business Analytics

Extending the Value of ERP

CBS Software delivers Business Analytics with comprehensive access into its ERP systems. CBS believes that a vital element to a successful business intelligence solution is tight integration with the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. CBS’s rich metadata model provides insight to a wide range of functional information, covering Sales, Financial, Inventory/Purchasing, Manufacturing, Hr & Payroll and other functional areas. This integration along with standard views and a streamlined architecture provides business users with powerful analytic and reporting capabilities. CBS Business Analytics (EBA) is woven into the fabric of CBS solutions, providing answers and analysis directly from your CBS solution.

CBS Business Analytics is POWERFUL

·   Dynamically combine and analyze information from multiple sources, regardless of the business category or physical location of the data

·   Integrated query, reporting, and analytical tools, enable users to access vital business information, perform in-depth analysis, and share the results throughout the organization—all from a single, comprehensive user interface

·   With one mouse click, EBA delivers management views and reports incorporating business metrics and key performance indicators either connected to the network or totally detached (while traveling on an airplane or impromptu ad-hoc analysis offsite)