About KSE Limited

We are the largest manufacturer of compound cattle feed in private sector in the country. The last three decades have seen KSE emerging as a leader in solvent extraction and ready mixed cattle feed in the country. Today KSE commands the resources, expertise and infrastructure to manufacture a range of livestock feed in high volumes, coconut oil from coconut oil cake and refined edible oil.

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Latest News


  1. The company started production in Irinjalakuda with a Solvent Extraction plant with a capacity of 40 MTs per day

  2. A new plant was set up in Irinjalakuda to produce 50 MTs of ready-mixed cattle feed

  3. Production capacity of Cattlefeed Plant in Irinjalakuda increased to 60 MTs per day.

  4. Solvent Extraction Plant capacity in Irinjalakuda increased to 60 MTs per day.

  5. The Solvent Extraction Plant capacity of Irinjalakuda increased to 80 MTs per day.

  6. Cattlefeed Plant at Irinjalakuda capacity increased to 180 MTs per day.

  7. Cattlefeed plant in Swaminathapuram, Tamilnadu started production Capacity 100 MTs per day.